Revamp for Enterprise Awards

THE Jersey Enterprise Awards are being revamped this year with a change to the entry process and a number of new awards.

Senator Alan Maclean at the launch of this year's event
Senator Alan Maclean at the launch of this year's event

THE Jersey Enterprise Awards are being revamped this year with a change to the entry process and a number of new awards, and the ceremony is also being held at a different time of year.

The changes were revealed as part of an official launch of the 11th awards. And during the event at The Bar on the Waterfront, Economic Development Minister Alan Maclean said that the awards scheme showed the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit in Jersey.

‘There are those who would say that now is not a time for celebrations, but I would say it is the right time to celebrate success because it has been achieved in difficult and challenging times,’ he said.

For the full details of the changes to the awards, see today's JEP.

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Comments for: "Revamp for Enterprise Awards"

St Ouen

I applaud the idea of awards for those people doing well in business.

However, I would also like to see JBL start actually doing what they say. I called them today after following the link on their website 'Get Funding'. Despite the statement regarding 'range of funding options available' I was told by the nice lady answering the telephone that there are no grants available. When I asked the link on their website she replied they were hoping there might be some soon and I could go on to a list of those waiting to hear. She did however offer me the opportunity to have a chat with the CEO about starting a business in general.

I have done the rest, I just could do with help in funding my project to launch and start employing people!


If your idea has merit funding is still available to borrow, why not try to find a business angel - you can negotiate the payback terms to mutual benefit?


Sorry no need for a business angel all McLean and JBL is do what they were set up to do.

Jersey Business Venture not funded by the States wer better abnd better still they cost the tax payer NOWT!!

St Ouen

Thank you Kim, your advice was a lot more than JBL offered!


This JBL another of the 'smart guys' ideas you know the guy I mean RING-BINDER McLean.

Before Jersey Business Ltd, there was Jersey Business Venture, a volunatary organisation run by professionals and at NO cost to the tax payer.

Now, Jersey Business Ltd. costs the tax payer nearly 1 million pounds a year.

I do not know who the CEO is but I would like to know if he knew RING BINDER before he got the job.

RING BINDER McLean has a knack of keeping quite when he uses his position to use tax payers money and then tell us 'owing to confidentiality' just look in JEP 30th Jan. re airport hangar.

He wastes tax payers money and he has proven he is a waste of time, re: Ring binder boob which cost the States in excess of 10 million, when we could have had the Millenium Park for nothing with a car park below.

Andy Cook

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Andy Cook and I am CEO of Jersey Business Ltd (JBL) - something that I am very proud of.

Just to help general understanding, I do know a little about Jersey Business Venture (JBV) a predecessor to JBL. I should do as I was its first Director in 1994. Originally started by Chamber of Commerce, it was not a voluntary organisation as suggested but was government funded. I think it did a great job with excellent staff. But in today's economic environment, it was time for a different approach.

For the avoidance of doubt, no I have no connection to Alan Mclean before my appointment. Nor, as anyone who knows me will tell you, do I show any signs of being or becoming, a civil servant. I am Jersey born with a background in the construction, retail, manufacturing, publishing and finance sectors. I am passionate about developing successful enterprise and believe in the right to try.

The Jersey Enterprise Awards are are a great opportunity to celebrate local success. The whole event has a nil budget (i.e. no cost to the tax payer) as it is totally funded by sponsors and ticket income.

JBL's annual costs are £600k p.a. which I believe is about one third of the combined JBV + Jersey Enterprise costs of its predecessors. For the full budget you can download it from our website

The task that JBL has of supporting local businesses in these difficult times is not an easy one. Both myself, and the team that will join me shortly are all commercial people "from the real world" and not from the public sector. We really need the Jersey community to get behind us and support our activities. We will make mistakes, but we will put heart and soul into making a difference. But we will only achieve our goals by achieving the trust of the business community. I could really do with your help in achieveing that. How about it?