Musk’s X promises ‘highest level’ response on posts about Israel-Hamas war

The social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, says it is trying to take action on a flood of posts sharing graphic media, violent speech and hateful conduct about the war between Israel and Hamas.

X says it is treating the crisis with its highest level of response. But outside watchdog groups say misinformation about the war abounds on the platform that billionaire Elon Musk bought last year.

A post late Monday from X’s safety team said: “In the past couple of days, we’ve seen an increase in daily active users on @X in the conflict area, plus there have been more than 50 million posts globally focusing on the weekend’s attack on Israel by Hamas.

“As the events continue to unfold rapidly, a cross-company leadership group has assessed this moment as a crisis requiring the highest level of response.”

The struggle to identify reliable sources for news about the war was exacerbated over the weekend by Mr Musk, who on Sunday posted the names of two accounts he said were “good” for “following the war in real-time”.

Analyst Emerson Brooking of the Atlantic Council called one of those accounts “absolutely poisonous”.

Journalists and X users also pointed out that both accounts had previously shared a fake AI-generated image of an explosion at the Pentagon, and that one of them had posted numerous antisemitic comments in recent months. Mr Musk later deleted his post.

Mr Brooking posted on X that Mr Musk had enabled fake war reporting by abandoning the blue check verification system for trusted accounts and allowing anyone to buy a blue check.

Mr Brooking said on Tuesday that it is “significantly harder to determine ground truth in this conflict as compared to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” last year and “Elon Musk bears personal responsibility for this”.

He said Mr Musk’s changes to the X platform have made it impossible to quickly assess the credibility of accounts while his “introduction of view monetization has created perverse incentives for war-focused accounts to post as many times as possible, even unverified rumours, and to make the most salacious claims possible”.

“War is always a cauldron of tragedy and disinformation; Musk has made it worse,” he added. Further, Mr Brooking said via email “Musk has repeatedly and purposefully denigrated the idea of an objective media, and he made platform design decisions that undermine such reporting. We now see the result.”

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Elon Musk’s actions since buying Twitter, now known as X, have been criticised by watchdog groups (Patrick Pleul/Pool via AP/PA)

One former member of Twitter’s public policy team said the company is having a harder time taking action on posts that violate its policies because there are not enough people to do that work.

“The layoffs are undermining the capacity of Twitter’s trust and safety team, and associated teams like public policy, to provide needed support during a critical time of crisis,” said Theodora Skeadas, one of thousands of employees who lost their jobs in the months after Mr Musk bought the company.

X says it recently changed one policy over the weekend to enable people to more easily choose whether or not to see sensitive media without the company actually taking down those posts.

“X believes that, while difficult, it’s in the public’s interest to understand what’s happening in real time,” its statement says.

The company says it is also removing newly created Hamas-affiliated accounts and working with other tech companies to try to prevent “terrorist content” from being distributed online.

The company said it is “also continuing to proactively monitor for antisemitic speech as part of all our efforts. Plus we’ve taken action to remove several hundred accounts attempting to manipulate trending topics”.

Linda Yaccarino, whom Elon Musk named in May as the top executive at X, withdrew from an upcoming three-day tech conference where she was scheduled to speak, citing the need to focus on how the platform was handling the war.

“With the global crisis unfolding, Linda and her team must remain fully focused on X platform safety,” the company told the organisers of the WSJ Tech Live conference being held next week in Laguna Beach, California.

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