‘Ten-bells’ tribute to boxer who ‘cared for everyone’

‘Ten-bells’ tribute to boxer who ‘cared for everyone’

Tributes have been paid to Henrique De Jesus, known as Henry, who was a member of Leonis Boxing Club. He was found dead in a room at the Ommaroo Hotel at Havre Des Pas on the morning of Thursday 3 October. Detail’s of Mr De Jesus’s death have been passed to the Viscount’s Department.

Tonight a traditional ten-bells boxing tribute will sound in honour of the personal trainer and gardener at an event at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Boxers from Leonis, which is based at South Hill Gym, are due to take on competitors from Bristol.

Miguel Ferreira, a spokesman for the boxing club, said Mr De Jesus was a credit to Leonis and to boxing. ‘Henry was an energetic and hard-working boxer, well liked by all his Leonis teammates,’ he said.

‘Whether he was training in the gym, representing Leonis in the ring in our shows at the Radisson Blu, guesting for Guernsey ABC or representing Leonis at the Odivelas Box Cup in Portugal at the end of 2018 – where he become the senior 80kg Box Cup winner – he was always a credit to our club.

‘With a very impressive winning record, due in part to his exceptional fitness, he always gave his best performance and always gave support to his fellow boxers. As a mark of respect in Henry’s memory there will be a traditional ten-bells tribute tonight.’

Fellow boxer Chris Rodrigues said Mr De Jesus was the ‘definition of having the heart in the right place’. He added: ‘A true gentleman. He respected everyone and had so much love for us and the club.’

Another club member, Calli Bushell, said he was one of ‘the most dedicated boxers I knew’.

‘He wanted to improve so badly and would listen to everyone that gave him advice. He just wanted to do well. It meant a lot to him showing off the skills he had learnt in the ring.

On fight night you would always find him with his headphones on in the changing rooms warming up from the moment he got to the venue. He would often get told: “Sit down Henry” – he just wanted to get in there. He got so nervous.

‘Then when he did get in the ring there was no stopping him. He stunned opponents with his pace, flurry of punches, and non-stop style. He was always exciting to watch.

‘He always supported his teammates and was the first to congratulate you when you stepped out of the ring.

‘He was a genuinely nice person who cared for everyone and will be missed by everyone.’

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