WATCH: Fisherman in Guernsey spots a UFO

WATCH: Fisherman in Guernsey spots a UFO

Ashraf Elsergany said until Sunday evening, when he saw a bright, orange, spinning object in the sky above L’Ancresse bay, he never believed in extra-terrestrial life.

‘I was standing one or two feet deep in the water fishing on my own,’ the Saints Bay Hotel manager explained.

‘It was a very still night, the water was as clear as glass, there was no wind and no-one else around.’

He said a square orange light appeared above the rocks at the far left-hand-side of the bay.

‘It was quite big and was moving from left to right and spinning and rotating.

‘I didn’t think it was a flying saucer but I definitely thought it was something – if someone else would have told me about this I never would have believed them.

‘But I saw it with my own eyes, and I thought “wow this is really amazing” so I pulled out my phone and started recording it.’

With the object being so far away, Mr Elsergany zoomed in on his phone as far as he could.

‘Suddenly there’s this whirring noise, like air getting sucked out of the sky, I looked around thinking it was someone having me on but there was no-one, I was totally alone.

‘Then the light disappears, just like that – it goes upwards and vanishes into thin air.’

Well and truly ‘freaked out’, Mr Elsergany quickly packed up his fishing gear and returned home to watch the footage he captured.

‘To physically see and hear it made my hair stand on end and sent shivers down my spine,’ he said.

‘I have never believed things like this before but I really, really want to know what it was.

‘From this I think it is obvious we are not alone in this universe, there is something else – whatever it may be – out there.’

He was confident it was not an aircraft as there were no flashing lights.

The noise was too loud for something so far away for it to be a helicopter, he said, and the way it moved was unlike any flying object he had seen before.

‘I’m not crazy and I don’t drink, I swear,’ he said. ‘I phoned the Police and told them about it to see if they could find out what it was.’

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