Scope for Jersey patients to take part in cannabis trials?


Last week the JEP revealed that a planning application had been submitted for a medicinal-cannabis farm and research centre to be developed at La Pepiniere Farm in St Mary, near Crabbé.

The proposals were submitted by Marc Yates, the executive chairman of the Jersey-based Therapeutic Cannabinoids International Partnership.

It is understood that other similar applications are in the process of being made.

A statement released by the partnership said that as well as planning to grow medicinal cannabis, it was also committed to researching the potential benefits of the substance.

And it adds that a local community of research scientists is likely to be created by their work, which could involve ‘local trials’.

‘Through a research licence, [TCI] will carry out work with its scientific research team, working in conjunction with the local medical profession, to carry out research projects which are sorely needed in this emerging industry,’ it says.

‘Hopefully this might involve some local trials with patients in due course. TCI has, among its partners and team, highly respected university scientists working in the area of medicinal-cannabis research, as well as medical practitioners experienced in cannabis medicine.

‘It is this team that is capable of delivering not only the medicinal products and the technology which will support them, but also greater knowledge which is so needed by the medical profession and public alike.’

Mr Yates added that he believed Jersey’s highly regulated agricultural industry would help give it an edge in the world market for medicinal cannabis.

‘Jersey is world-renowned for having first-class agricultural standards and best practices,’ he said.

‘As the market for medical cannabis expands, and legislation permits its use in more and more European countries, the Island of Jersey is uniquely placed to once again set the standards in terms of agricultural excellence. TCI will be working very closely with regulators and all global compliance standards at every stage of the process.

‘We are committed to the knowledge being developed within Jersey to making this a new long-term and economically viable business for the Island.’


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