Fuel distributor promises cheapest petrol in Jersey

Fuel distributor promises cheapest petrol in Jersey

ATF Fuels, which has been praised in a recent Royal Court judgment for bringing down the cost of aviation fuel significantly since it took over at Jersey Airport in 2014 (see full story on page 4), has announced that it will soon be opening a petrol station providing what it says will be the ‘cheapest petrol in Jersey along with old-fashioned service’.

The station is due to be operational in the next few months at an existing retail site that will be operated and branded
by ATF.

This week the RAC in the UK warned that drivers are facing rising fuel prices after oil hit $70 a barrel for the first time in more than three years.

The motoring organisation said that further hikes in pump prices were likely to follow, despite fuel already being at a four-year high, averaging £1.21 a litre for petrol and £1.24 for diesel. Since July the cost of filling up a typical 55-litre family car has risen by £4 for unleaded petrol and £5 for diesel.

Prices in Jersey have followed a similar pattern to those in the UK, with an increase since the beginning of December. The lowest petrol price in the Island, according to the Consumer Council’s Fuel Watch, is currently 107.9p per litre and is available at M&S in St John, St Peter and Motormall.

The Consumer Council welcomed the announcement.

The body’s executive officer, Anne King, said: ‘Obviously competition is always good news for consumers. We have already got various forecourts fighting for market share, so it will be interesting.’

ATF recently successfully appealed against a decision of the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authority, which had said the fuel supplier had breached competition rules and unfairly charged one customer higher prices than others. However, the Royal Court overturned that decision and praised the company for the positive improvements it had made in the local market, which includes lower prices and higher quality of fuel.

Jonathan Best, ATF chief operating officer, said the improvements were not limited to the aircraft fuel market.

‘Since we started trading we have successfully brought prices down not only in aviation fuel, but also in other markets such as home heating oil,’ he said. ‘This makes a real difference to people’s weekly budgets and the affordability of living in Jersey.

‘Every day I personally receive comments from customers saying that since swapping to us they have made significant savings. I am pleased to be able to confirm to those loyal customers that we will also soon be offering petrol, again at very competitive prices and with great customer service.’

He added: ‘This ruling has given us a real boost and has ensured that we will be able to continue to champion fair and transparent fuel pricing in the Channel Islands.’

In a statement the company said that more details would be available about the new petrol station in due course.

The statement adds: ‘Most importantly, though, we will be providing the cheapest petrol prices in Jersey, along with old-fashioned service.’

Recently the old Airport Car Centre site was cleared of about 50 vehicles after the company’s 25-year lease with Ports of Jersey ended. A new lease has been awarded to Roberts Garages, which has now applied to develop the land into a new petrol station, shop, car wash and garage.

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