Delays over provision of medicinal cannabis


Earlier this year, Health Minister Andrew Green revealed that following advice from the Jersey Misuse of Drugs Advisory Council he was looking into whether certain medicinal cannabis products could be made legal and added that he could lodge proposals to legalise certain products before the end of this year.

However, Senator Green has now admitted his original timescale has slipped.

During States questions, the minister said: ‘I can assure Members we are keen to move this forward with plans to re-categorise certain medicinal cannabis-based products.

‘I am somewhat frustrated that this is proving far more difficult than originally envisaged and I apologise for that.

‘I remain committed to moving this forward as soon as I possibly can.’

Senator Green said that two key factors were slowing progress on the legalisation of certain products – the difficulty in identifying the right products and suppliers to provide a consistent supply and ensuring that those suppliers were prepared to deliver to Jersey.

He added that delivery was an additional problem, as all jurisdictions that the cannabis products passed through also had to agree to allow the medicines to go through their borders.

He added: ‘We have to have an appropriate supplier and that appropriate supplier has to be prepared to deliver to Jersey.’

A number of European countries have legalised cannabis-based products for medicinal purposes, although they remain illegal in the UK and France.

No updated timeline as to when these products might be legalised has been put forward.

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