Airline helps Islanders wave goodbye to fear of flying

More than 300 people had responded to Blue Islands’ invitation on social media to apply for a place on the airline’s Freedom to Fly course, and Blue Islands selected 20 people at random with an acute fear of flying to take part last Saturday and Sunday.

On the first day, Blue Islands’ training manager, Captain Chris Stubbs, gave a presentation about every aspect of aviation, from how aircraft stay in the air to the rigorous safety regulations which surround its operation.

And mind coach Mo Harford Bury, from UK-based Momentum Training, taught the class how to cope with, manage and overcome their fears of flying.

Following a brief re-cap on Sunday morning, the group checked in for a short flight specially provided by Blue Islands, and despite extremely windy conditions, all of them confronted and – in most cases – overcame their fear of flying.

Kim Lennard, a civil servant who lives in St Helier, said she had not flown for 14 years until the course.

‘The last time I flew before today was 14 years ago,’ she said.

‘September 11 2001 was when my fears started to really escalate, but now I’m absolutely buzzing after this flight.’

Blue Islands thanked the Airport for their assistance during the weekend, and chief executive Rob Veron added: ‘I was extremely heartened to hear all the stories from everyone who took part.’

He added that the airline would be looking to run similar courses in Jersey in future.

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