European challenges test Troy to the full

JERSEY trials rider Joshua Troy finished 27th and 29th in European Championship events in Belgium and Italy last month.

Joshua Troy has been showing off his skills in Belgium and Italy
Joshua Troy has been showing off his skills in Belgium and Italy

On the back of gaining third place at the FFM National French Championship at Pra Loup, in the Southern Alps in July, the teenager competed for only the third time in European events – non-stop trials meaning that bike wheels must constantly move making it harder to prepare for the next big obstacle.

At Bilstain, in Belgium, Troy was tested to the full as it was the hardest trial he had ridden due to very little space being between each obstacle.

This was tough mentally and physically as it required a considerable amount of concentration and ability to ballet dance with the bike circa 68+ kilos.

Officials were strict and any moment of stopping was awarded five points, even if you were on top of a rock!

Troy’s best section was a run of steep ascents and descents where he dropped just one point and a total of 52 points dropped, over 30 sections in total, placed him 27th in the Youth international.

In Italy, at Santo Stefano d’Aveto where the lap was over 15 kilometres, Troy rode and had some moments of brilliance and some tough, trying moments which were difficult to deal with .

All in all it was an excellent learning experience as he went on to claim 29th position.

In the French Championship, at Pra Loup, Troy was in joint first place after the first lap of ten sections having dropped seven points.

Five points dropped on the eighth section second time round, a very technical section over boulders, pushed Troy down to third place.

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