Bowls: Jersey bowled over

JERSEY'S young bowlers emerged with credit after suffering a 24-14 defeat by Guernsey at the Indoor Bowling Stadium at Grainville at the weekend.

Bowls: Jersey bowled over

The hosts, who were much younger that the visitors, fielded eight new caps in the inter-insular for a series of fours, triples, pairs and singles matches up to 18 ends or two hours, with the singles matches being 21 ends.

(Jersey bowlers named first)

Fours: Chloe Greechan, Kelsey Videgrain, Harrison Chapman and Jay Bertalli 9, S Rabey, E Snell, L Batiste, C Snell 10. Ryan Videgrain, Jared Brown, Lauren Scarratt, Taylor Greechan 10, C Rabey, K Lowe, S de la Mare, E Rich 13. Ben Le Feuvre, Louis Bootland, Jack Gaston, Oliver Gaston 14, J Bonsall, A Rich, A Le Page, B Harvey 13.

Triples: C Greechan, L Bootland, J Bertalli 19, C Rabey, A Rich, A Le Page 11. J Brown, Ashley-Mae Gaston, Enda-Jane Le Bail 8, B Harvey, E Snell, R Rich 15. B Le Feuvre, Anya Waigh, J Gaston 13, J Bonsall, L Batiste, S de la Mare 12. R Videgrain, K Videgrain, H Chapman 12, S Rabey, K Lowe, C Snell 15.

Pairs: C Greechan, E Le Bail 13, L Batiste, E Rich 15. J Brown, L Scarratt 12, A Le Page, E Snell 11. K Videgrain, T Greechan 14, S Rabey, C Snell 15. R Videgrain, O Gaston 6, J Bonsall, A Rich 14. B Le Feuvre, A Gaston 13, S Lowe, B Harvey 11. L Bootland, A Waigh 9, C Rabey, S de la Mare 29.

Singles: C Greechan 21, A Le Page 18. J Brown 17, S Rabey 21. K Videgrain 8, C Rabey 21. R Videgrain 21, A Rich 14. B Le Feuvre 16, B Harvey 21. L Scarratt 17, J Bonsall 21.

David Bowyer, Jersey's coach, said: 'It was a good experience for everyone and we had some very close games.

'We certainly have something we can build on with eight new caps and six playing in a competition of this calibre for the first time.

'Several of our team members are still very new to bowls and I'm sure they will have gained a lot of experience and they will gain further experience next week as we are taking a team of 14 to play in a match in Bristol.'

The fours and triples were played on Saturday and Jersey led at the end of the day 8-6.

There was some outstanding bowling from both islands' bowlers and Jersey led 8-6 after Saturday's fours and triples matches.

Jersey's Ben Le Feuvre, who skipped the winning fours of Louis Bootland and Jack and Oliver Gaston, delivered the winning shot with his last bowl on the final end.

The scores were tied at 13-all and faced with a bowl right on the jack from Guernsey's skipper, 15-year-old Le Feuvre nudged his opponent's bowl away to sit on the jack and win the game 14-13.

Le Feuvre also led his team to a 13-12 triples success by again snatching victory on the last end with his last bowl.

Sunday's pairs and singles matches resulted in some very close games with Jersey losing two by one point and a further two by two points.

Le Feuvre was again the star performer in winning his pairs 13-11 with Ashley-Mae Gaston and it was another last end last end draw inside his opponent's bowl to win the game.

Guernsey's outstanding performer Ben Harvey defeated Le Feuvre 21-16 in the singles, one of numerous matches of high quality.

Troys Estate Agency provided tracksuits for the Jersey bowlers.


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