Global corporation tax overdue

Letter to the Editor from John Heys, St Peter.


AT long last, after years of expressing how disgusting the introduction of zero-ten was – which by the way lost our economy about £130 million a year in tax and led to the pathetic, unfair attempt of recovery through the introduction of GST, which moved collecting tax from companies to every person in the street – a sensible saviour has arisen from America in Joe Biden.

His plan to introduce corporation tax at 15% is long overdue. Why should trading companies in Jersey not pay tax? They always did and if they do not appreciate having to pay it as before and leave, then goodbye. They were not paying into the running of this island, so where is the loss?

The other huge problem we are faced with is lack of enough housing. The official answer to this is to cover as much of the Island as possible with concrete, and build, build, build. When the plainly obvious answer which everyone is aware of, except the States, is to control immigration, thus reducing the demand for more houses.

Ah, control immigration… That means fewer people here, and that means fewer people paying tax, and that means there will be fewer millions that can be thrown down the drain without too much fuss from the people. So, we are on to money again, and that is usually at the root of why the pleasure and privilege of just living in this beautiful island is being lost.

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