WATCH: Footage appearing to show tornado in Jersey – and Islanders share pictures of devastation


ISLANDERS have shared pictures of the major damage brought by Storm Ciarán overnight.

Dozens of homes have been damaged by winds which have peak at over 100mph and a freak thunderstorm at about midnight which pelted the Island with golf ball sized hail stones.

Stephanie O’Driscoll

There are also unconfirmed reports that a tornado hit the east of the Island, causing major destruction as it tracked from St Clement to the east coast.

Kim Le Geyt

Islander Simran Kaur told the JEP that the windows of her house had been “smashed and broken”.

Kim Le Geyt

Chris Goguelin said that he had lost roof tiles and his car had been damaged.

Vicky Maxwell

Anna Boschat said: “I have someone’s flat roof in my garden. It has come from Poonah Lane over my back wall.”

And an Islander appears to have captured footage of debris swirling around what appears to be a tornado.

Mandy Greenfield added: “Nothing compared to some poor people out there but we lost our chimney cowel, garden table got lifted and glass smashed, front door awning flown off, bedroom window flew wide open.

Brenda Quail-Charleston shared pictures of major damages at Princess Court as the property was evacuated just after midnight.

Brenda Quail-Charleston

A huge tree has also come down into a garden on Mont Sohier in St Saviour.

The property owner said: “A massive tree in next door’s garden came down at about 6am. It looks like it has destroyed the wall between our properties.

‘Another tree to the front has also partly come down and has taken out a piece of the wall.”