Islanders could be ‘extras’ in Bergerac

Picture: Peter Mourant

ISLANDERS will have an opportunity to put themselves forward for potential “background” appearances in the upcoming Bergerac reboot, those involved in the show have revealed.

Filming for a six-episode series offering a “contemporary twist” on the iconic detective drama is due to begin this summer.

Some of the cast members for the highly-anticipated reboot were announced at the weekend, with Irish actor Damien Molony – who has starred in several BBC shows including Being Human and Ripper Street – set to take on the leading role of Jim Bergerac.

The fictional detective was played by John Nettles in the original 1980s show created by Robert Banks Stewart.

The new series – commissioned by BBC-owned broadcaster UKTV – will be directed by Peaky Blinders director Colm McCarthy.

Economic Development Minister Kirsten Morel, who recently confirmed that the government would be providing retrospective financial support for the show if specific targets are met, said he was “really pleased” by the casting.

He cited Mr Molony’s “strong track record” as well as the “strength” brought by writer Toby Whithouse, whose portfolio includes writing for Doctor Who.

Deputy Morel added: “It gives me as minister some comfort in the production and a strong sense that this will be a successful TV show.”

He also confirmed that “principal filming” would take place in Jersey, although he acknowledged that indoor scenes could be filmed in a UK studio.

Commenting on the potential for Islanders to star as extras, Brian Constantine – of production partner Westward Studios – said: “We will be filming as much as possible here and there will be demand for background characters.”

He continued: “There are certainly plans to put a shout-out in the next couple of weeks, for anyone who is interested, which we will keep a database of and work with the production team on.”

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