Islanders injured in Mont Pinel explosion due to leave hospital today

Mont Pinel explosion. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (38549695)

A COUPLE who were hospitalised after an explosion at their property in St Saviour last month are due to be discharged this afternoon.

The two parents were saved by firefighters in a dramatic rescue on Wednesday 26 June when they were left buried in rubble following the blast, which caused significant damage to their home and left large cracks in the front exterior wall.

The couple’s two children, aged two and five, were also rescued and did not suffer any injuries.

Less than an hour after all four were removed from the building, in Mont Pinel, the wall collapsed, leaving a large hole in the side of the house.

In an update issued today, the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service said that work to stabilise and weatherproof the property had continued over the weekend.

Their statement added: “It is expected that investigators will be able to safely access the site and begin their assessments tomorrow morning.

“An expert from the UK will assist States of Jersey Fire and Rescue Service with the investigation into the cause of the incident.

“Until they have begun their initial assessments, it is difficult to say how long the process will take – but it is likely to take some time to fully conclude the investigation.”

The government and relatives are continuing to support the family while investigations at their property are underway.

The other residents affected are also being supported by the government and insurers.

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