Salesman fined after speeding during test drive


A CAR salesman who said a customer encouraged him to drive fast has been fined £260 for speeding and had his licence endorsed.

Oliver Robins (22) apologised to the Magistrate’s Court, telling Relief Magistrate Peter Harris: “I would like to apologise to the police officers who pulled me over and to the lovely people in the parish hall, just to let them know that I am sorry.”

He was stopped on 20 March by police officers after reaching 37mph on Rue de la Blinerie in St Clement – a green lane, where the limit is 15mph.

Asked why he had driven at that speed, he said: “The man with me in the passenger seat was a potential customer.”

He said the man encouraged him to speed up.

“I thought it would aid in the sale of the car,” said Robins.

Relief Magistrate Peter Harris warned the Islander that he could be disqualified if he reoffended, which could affect his employment.

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