An Energy Minister could be part of a future government

Minister for Energy and Environment Steve Luce at Corbiere. Picture: DAVID FERGUSON. (38215782)

AN Energy Minister could be added to the ranks of a future government, the Environment Minister has said.

Deputy Steve Luce’s statement came in response to questions from Scrutiny about the Comptroller and Auditor General’s report, published on Monday, which said that a lack of a coherent, joined-up approach across government was compromising resilience in the Island’s energy sector.

Lynn Pamment said roles and responsibilities were not clear enough and there was no single person, team or department responsible for co-ordinating energy matters.

Panel chair Deputy Hilary Jeune asked the Environment Minister, who currently has responsibility for energy, how he would ensure the “swift implementation” of the report’s recommendations, including the suggestion of a specific point of contact for energy matters, such as a minister.

Deputy Luce said discussions had happened about a potential new addition to the Council of Ministers.

He said: “I did mention it to officers on Monday, and asked, are we looking potentially at an Energy Minister in a future government? It may well be the case that it’s necessary.

“Energy, like water, is a vital part of Island life.”

He added: “We have electricity, oil, petrol, diesel, gas. In recent times, gas has been a challenge for a number of reasons.

“But these are all private companies and maybe there should be more oversight over them.

“We need to have a better handle on where the energy is coming from and how it’s delivered.”

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