Doctor who helps terminally ill patients to die to address States Members and health professionals


A DOCTOR who has helped terminally ill patients in Australia to end their lives is due to speak to healthcare professionals and politicians ahead of next week’s assisted-dying debate in the States Assembly.

Dr Anna Negus comes from Bristol and trained in the UK, but is now based in the southern hemisphere, where she works to support patients in Western Australia, one of six Australian states where voluntary assisted dying with the support of a doctor is permitted by law.

Tomorrow evening Dr Negus is due to speak at a meeting of the Jersey branch of Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying, joining the group’s founder, Dr Nigel Minihane. The following day, Dr Negus will speak at a lunchtime briefing to share her experience with States Members and answer questions ahead of the debate scheduled for next Tuesday.

Dr Negus, who is trained as an anaesthetist, said: “In my experience, assisted dying enables people to enjoy the rest of their lives without worrying about how the end will be – the fear just drops away.

“Many express how grateful they are to have this choice, and to be able to die in their own bed or favourite chair at a time of their choosing, surrounded by their loved ones.

“Australia shows that it is possible for these laws to work safely and compassionately and I am pleased to be able to share my experience with States Members and my peers in Jersey.”

Dr Minihane, the former head of the Primary Care Body, said: “Like most Islanders, I believe that the legalisation of assisted dying in Jersey is the right thing to do.

“Australia has proven that changing the law is far safer than the status quo and I look forward to welcoming Dr Negus to Jersey to inform this debate.”

Healthcare professionals wishing to attend the event in St Helier should email

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