Wind farm debate delayed after Members excused attendance


A MUCH-ANTICIPATED debate about whether Jersey should move towards building an offshore wind farm will now take place tomorrow, it has been decided.

A proposition from the Council of Ministers had been listed as the first item of public business for today’s States Assembly sitting, but the agenda was changed following an application by Environment Minister Steve Luce.

Deputy Luce said the short delay would allow two members of the Environment Housing and Infrastructure Scrutiny Panel to participate in the debate.

The two backbenchers – Constable David Johnson and panel chair Deputy Hilary Jeune – had been excused attendance today as a result of being on States business at a meeting of the British and Irish Parliamentary Assembly.

Deputy Montfort Tadier said that while he supported the move, he hoped the “same courtesy” would be extended to other politicians in the future.

Deputy Luce’s application was adopted unanimously, meaning the Assembly will debate other items of public business, including independent taxation, this afternoon before switching their attention to the wind farm tomorrow.

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