Warning after ‘worrying’ increase in strandings

Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37867174)

ISLANDERS have been warned about the dangers of being cut off by the rising tide following a spate of strandings so far this year.

The JEP understands that Jersey Coastguard is looking into the number of incidents, which vessel traffic services manager Dan Downey has described as “worrying”.

And the RNLI has advised members of the public to seek advice on the tides and not to try and swim to shore if they do find themselves cut off.

In 2023, Jersey Coastguard co-ordinated responses to 13 strandings, during which 22 people were helped to shore.

So far this year there have been at least nine incidents involving 21 people, including two individuals who were stranded at Seymour Tower at the weekend.

RNLI Jersey press officer Helier de Veulle said that crews trained for “a wide variety of different incident types”, including the recovery of people cut off by the tide.

“At this time of year, when the water is cold, time is always of the essence,” he said.

“However, the large tides and the currents that these bring mean that there is always a sense of urgency to these types of rescues.

“Importantly, if members of the public do find themselves cut off by the tide, move to a safe place, stay put and either call for help or wait for someone to call for help on your behalf. Trying to swim to shore may put you in much more danger than staying in one place, which may be uncomfortable but which is safe.”

RNLI advice

– Read safety signs: Always seek local advice on the tides to make sure you don’t get cut off.

– Reduce the risk: Avoid walking alone or at night. Always make sure you have a way to call for help. Make sure someone knows your plan and expected return time.

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