Islanders receive unordered books in ‘brushing’ scam

Islanders have been receiving parcels from Poland as part of the scam. (37818311)

ISLANDERS have been receiving surprise book parcels from Poland as part of a “brushing” scam.

The scam involves online sellers sending unordered items to people’s homes and posting fake positive reviews using the recipients’ names to boost their online ratings and visibility.

The process typically begins with scammers obtaining personal information, such as names and addresses, then using this information to create fake accounts and place orders for their own products.

Once the packages are delivered, the scammers write positive reviews using the recipients’ names so that they appear to be legitimate.

Three years ago, Islanders were targeted with seeds, which were believed to have come from China, as part of a suspected brushing scam.

Anyone who receives goods they did not order is now being urged to report the unsolicited package to the purported retailer’s online platform, as well as local authorities.

A book and accompanying note that was sent to one Islander. (37818308)

Jersey Post said that they are aware of such scams, but they had not received any direct complaints from customers.

A spokesperson for Jersey Post said: “Jersey Post has an obligation to deliver packages and we don’t know what is inside of them.

“This would need to be reported to the retailer directly.”

Amazon advises reporting unsolicited packages immediately and provides a form for reporting brushing scams. They will investigate these reports and take action against fraudulent sellers.

Jersey’s data protection authority, the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner, said: “Whilst our office is not aware of any scams such as these, it is important to recognise that nobody is immune from attempts to scam individuals and illicit their personal information.

“Our advice would be to be vigilant about who you give your personal information to.

“Take a simple commonsense approach and if you have not ordered anything, then report the matter to the appropriate organisation such as Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum.

“Our team is always happy to provide advice and guidance should anyone be concerned.”

Report a scam:

Anyone who believes that they have been targeted by a scam or fallen victim can contact the States police in 612612.

More information about the latest scams targeting Islanders, and advice on what to do, can be found on the Jersey Fraud Prevention Forum website:

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