Out clubbing and home  –  before 9pm


A LIBERTY Wharf nightclub is set to host a series of daytime clubbing events aimed at the over-30s, in a bid to revive Jersey’s once-thriving nightlife while catering to those who prefer an early night. 

Day Disco is geared towards those over 30 and organisers say it helps people celebrate the music scene of Jersey’s past, without sacrificing their Sunday to a hangover. 

The club events are due to be held in April, June, and September at Vittoria nightclub and will feature classic 80s and 90s music and retro decor.

Event organiser Laura Rosser said she had noticed a demand for people over 30 who still enjoy dancing but prefer to call it an early night to catch up on Saturday night TV while enjoying a takeaway. 

The first event in April has already sold out, with half of the tickets for the next event in June also gone. Doors open at 3pm and close at 8.30pm.

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