Violent sex attacker who imprisoned woman in Jersey hotel room and raped and beat her jailed for 14 years

Terence Martin Quinn, jailed for rape. Picture STATES OF JERSEY POLICE (37729985)

A VIOLENT sex attacker who locked a woman in a hotel room before raping and beating her has been jailed for 14 years.

Terence Martin Quinn left the woman fearing for her life as he subjected her to a prolonged and degrading series of assaults at Oaklands Lodge Hotel, on Trinity Hill, where he worked as a chef.

The 49-year-old denied rape, false imprisonment and assault but was convicted by a jury following a Royal Court trial late last year.

As well as the jail term, Quinn was placed on the Sex Offenders Register and received an indefinite restraining order when he was sentenced by the Superior Number of the Royal Court yesterday.

During the trial, jurors were told that the pair began to have sex, but when the woman asked Quinn to stop, he lost his temper and turned violent.

He locked the door while she was in the bathroom and when she returned to the bedroom he ordered her to stand in one corner.

For hours, he physically and verbally abused her, before raping her. He hit her with her laptop and luggage and smashed her phone so that she was unable to call for help, the court heard.

Following the assaults, Quinn, who denied the charges, casually dropped the woman back at the Airport for her flight home.

Giving evidence during the trial, the woman said: “He took my phone and he smashed it and bent it and threw it across the room. He came over and absolutely battered me.”

She broke down in tears before continuing: “He was punching me all round the back of my head and shoulders.

“He was grabbing my hair with one hand and punching me like a boxer with the other.

“I was screaming. He said: ‘Why are you screaming? No one can hear you.’”

She added: “I really did think he was capable of killing me.”

Quinn was arrested one month after the attacks but fled to the UK where he committed further offences by contacting the victim numerous times.

The States police worked with the local UK force and brought him back to Jersey to face justice.

Detective Constable Rachel Peddlebanks said: “I cannot commend the victim in this case enough. She has shown immense courage and bravery in coming forward to report this abhorrent attack and she has seen the whole process through with strength and dignity.

“The impact this attack has had on her is enormous and I can only hope that the sentence given today gives her some form of closure and will help her to gain her confidence and move forward in rebuilding her life.”

She added: “We are committed to investigating and prosecuting all sexual offenders and we want to assure victims that there are a number of agencies who are in a position to offer support and guidance through all stages of the criminal justice process.”

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