Man (60) bites arm of store detective


A 60-YEAR-OLD man bit a store detective on the arm after being detained for stealing goods for the second time.

Manuel Antonio Marques Duarte stole £660 worth of items from Waitrose in St Brelade on 10 December last year, the Magistrate’s Court was told.

He returned to the shop five days later and tried to leave with goods totalling £210.

A member of staff –who was a former police officer – saw Duarte head towards the exit and told him to stop.Duarte tried to push past him and when the staff member brought him to the ground, Duarte bit his upper right arm, leaving bruising and abrasions, the court was told.

Duarte admitted the two charges of theft, one of grave and criminal assault and one of being disorderly on the premises on 15 December.

The Magistrate, Bridget Shaw, postponed sentencing until 26 April to allow time for a background report to be prepared and released Duarte on bail on condition that he does not visit the store.

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