Thunderstorm warning issued for Jersey

Picture: JERSEY MET (37548295)

A THUNDERSTORM warning has been issued by Jersey Met.

The yellow-level alert states that isolated thunderstorms “will be very near or over the Island” during Thursday.

Winds could also reach gale-force-eight during the afternoon, with gusts up to 55mph.

Further heavy and potentially thundery showers are expected on Friday, with more wet weather forecast for the weekend.

The UK Met Office, which issues longer-range forecasts for the British Isles, says the generally unsettled weather is likely to continue into the start of next month.

For the period of 26 February to 6 March, it states: “A day or two of mostly settled and dry weather is likely at the start of this period, after any lingering rain clears the far south. “Temperatures will be close to average, with some night time frosts, but will feel like a marked contrast to the mild conditions of recent weeks.

“After this, a generally unsettled pattern is most likely to resume and continue through to early March. Spells of rain are expected across all areas at times, wettest overall in the west and northwest, where it will also sometimes be windy.

“Temperatures are most likely to be around or a little above average, though some short-lived colder interludes that would allow sleet or snow to fall to lower levels are possible at times, these more likely in the north.”

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