Controversial plans for trial one-way system on St Helier road could be scrapped


CONTROVERSIAL plans to trial a one-way system at the bottom of St John’s Road could be scrapped after the new Infrastructure Minister instructed officers to consider alternative options.

During the three-month scheme, which has been delayed three times, the section of the road between the junction with Parade Road and Cheapside would have been made northbound only.

The plans drew criticism from some Islanders, who said the changes would have made the road more dangerous, and a petition calling for it to be thrown out gained more than 1,000 signatures.

Following public feedback, Infrastructure Minister Andy Jehan has asked transport officers to consider a different approach to the proposed one-way scheme.

The government said it would be using “up-to-date traffic information” to model the potential impact, and that it hoped that any new plans would be prepared in time for the summer.

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