Alleged rapist ‘shouted abuse’ at woman at work, trial hears


A WOMAN has described how a man accused of raping and assaulting her visited her place of work and shouted abuse.

The Royal Court heard yesterday that David Nigel Pearce left the woman shaking as he confronted her.

On the second day of an Assize jury trial, the alleged victim returned to the witness box to continue giving evidence, with screens in place to prevent her being seen from the public gallery or by the accused.

Mr Pearce (41) has entered not-guilty pleas to four counts of rape and three charges of sexual assault.

Members of the jury listened as the woman recounted an occasion when Mr Pearce had visited the office where she worked.

“He came up to my desk and he was calling me a whore and a slut,” she said. “I was shaking, and I made an error when I was sending a document by email.”

Mr Pearce’s conduct left her “absolutely terrified”, the woman added.

On the first day of the trial, the court heard that on other occasions Mr Pearce shouted at his alleged victim, grabbed her by the throat and pinned her down before forcing himself on her sexually, ignoring her cries that he stop because he was hurting her.

Crown Advocate Simon Thomas, prosecuting, said there could be “no basis” for any misunderstanding by the defendant regarding whether the woman had consented to sex.

Advocate David Steenson is representing Mr Pearce, while Commissioner Alan Binnington is presiding.

The trial continues.

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