St Ouen makes offer on house to provide homes for elderly

The property on Route de Vinchelez Picture: Gaudin and Co

THE parish of St Ouen is pushing ahead with plans to buy a property on Route de Vinchelez in the hope that it can be demolished and turned into housing for the elderly.

Constable Richard Honeycombe said that parishioners had voted in favour of purchasing High Marsh House – with an offer of £950,000 – at a recent parish assembly attended by 150 people.

He described the parish hall as “rammed” on the evening, adding that the proceedings had “generated a lot of discussion”.

Constable of St Ouen, Richard Honeycombe Picture: ROB CURRIE. (37530376)

He added that five parishioners abstained and a similar number voted against the proposals, but the rest were in favour of the move.

“We have put a formal offer in and we are waiting for the agent to come back to us to see if the purchase will go ahead,” he continued.

Mr Honeycombe previously said that the site could be used to provide eight one-bedroom units, but he explained that some of the objections raised during the vote included concerns over the amount being spent and the lack of planning permission for the site to be developed.

However, he stressed that the property was still “an appreciating asset” and added that: “We would still have a sizeable piece of real estate regardless of what we do with it.”

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