Man to attend addiction centre after order breach


A MAN who breached a court order by drinking in a pub has been given a two-month jail sentence.

But because Keenan Thomas Romao (26) has already been in custody since New Year’s Day, he is to be released next week to begin a 12-week programme at alcohol addiction centre Silkworth Lodge.

Last year Romao was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and was banned from pubs for six months after being found guilty of assault and grave and criminal assault.

The Magistrate’s Court heard that he spat in the face of a woman in the Cornerhouse pub in La Motte Street and hit another woman with his mobile phone outside the establishment, leaving her with a lump on her head. He also grabbed a third woman by the leg, pulling her to the ground.

Crown Advocate Lauren Hallam, prosecuting, said that Romao was spotted by a States police officer drinking in a town centre pub on New Year’s Day – which was also his 26th birthday – in breach of the exclusion order and the terms of his community service order.

Advocate Mike Preston, defending, said Romao had “fallen off the wagon” by drinking on New Year’s Day. But he added: “He knows that he needs help and he wants to go to Silkworth Lodge.”

The advocate said a place would become available on Wednesday of next week, by which time Romao will have spent 50 days in custody.

Assistant Magistrate Adam Clarke said Romao should remain in prison until next Wednesday.

After completing the programme at Silkworth Lodge he will have to carry out his 120 hours of community service.

Mr Clarke told him: “You should never breach a court order. But your desire to go to Silkworth Lodge is to your credit. I hope you will grab that opportunity with both hands.”

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