Woman who lunged at man with kitchen knife to be sentenced

The Royal Court (37485323)

A WOMAN who lunged at a man with a kitchen knife will be sentenced for grave and criminal assault on 13 February.

Nilza Vieira (37) was found guilty of the offence after a three-day trial in the Royal Court this week.

Vieira had told the court that she only wanted to stop the man filming her on his mobile phone, and that the knife wound he sustained to his right leg was an accident.

During the trial, the victim also spoke in Vieira’s defence, saying he believed she had not meant to harm him in the attack on 25 November last year, and only intended to frighten him.

But the offence was labelled a “clear and obvious grave and criminal assault” by the prosecution.

Commenting following the sentencing this week, investigating officer Detective Constable Charles Vibert said: “Although in this case the complainant didn’t wish to support a prosecution, the use of a knife in this assault escalates the seriousness of the offence and it is right that Vieira has faced the consequences of her actions on that night.

“Her intention was to cause harm and her victim was extremely fortunate to have not suffered a more serious injury. Crimes such as these should never be tolerated, and we will do everything in our power to see offenders face justice.”

Vieira was released on bail by the Royal Court on Friday.

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