Intrepid Atlantic rowers on track to finish as record-breakers this evening

Race organisers shared pictures of the Intrepid 232 crew, taken by the race's safety boat on 30 January before weather conditions worsened. Picture: WORLD'S TOUGHEST ROW (37477359)

JERSEY’s four-woman crew rowing the Atlantic has less than 20 miles to their destination – and could make land as record-breakers this evening.

The Intrepid 232 crew – consisting of Julie Brady, Helene Monpetit, Rosemary Satchwell and Alison Smithurst – are on track to complete their 3,000-mile row later today following a week of difficult conditions and slow progress.

After spending the night on “para-anchor”, the four are now barrelling toward Antigua at a rate of 2.3 knots.

Hundreds of spectators from all over the world are pouring out their support via social media for the four Islanders, who will break the record as the oldest female crew to row any ocean if they make it to the Caribbean shores unassisted.

A spokesperson for the crew, writing on social media, said: “Whatever they had for breakfast it is working!”

They explained that the winds are changing at around 6pm tonight, and maintaining this speed they should be with reach of land at that same time.

“It is going to be incredibly close. We know you don’t have any nails left to chew, but glue yourself to the tracker.”

Race safety officer Ian Couch also commented: “We spoke a few times during the night and though they came off para anchor earlier they were still in conditions that prevented them from rowing.

“They were advised to go back into para anchor until conditions eased and the sun came up.

“Due to fatigue, the crew were struggling with navigation so they have been given a bearing which will take them to the south east corner of the island.

“If they are able to hold this line we will adjust them when they are approx five to seven miles out and bring them, with the changing conditions, into the finish where the media boat will meet them before they come in.”

The team’s fundraising page can be found at:

More details on the race, including a tracker for the team’s latest position, can be found online at:

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