'Assied-té!' 'Vaqu’si!'… New book to teach your dog Jèrriais

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TEACHING your dog Japanese, Korean or even Mãori has been quite straightforward until now, but getting any Jèrriais across a bit more challenging.

Publication of a new book Teach Your Dog Jèrriais will no doubt help remedy the situation.

The book is one of a series designed to help readers learn a language while engaging with their favourite pet, and was inspired by illustrator Anne Cakebread’s bestseller Teach Your Dog Welsh which has sold almost 23,000 copies. The entire series, now including 18 books, has sold more than 66,000.

Jèrriais teacher Susan Parker has assembled the content which offers 60 expressions to practise from useful dog-related commands such as “Assied-té!” (Sit!) and ‘Vaqu’si!’ (Fetch!), to more general phrases like ‘Bouônjour à matîn’ (Good morning) and ‘Bouan Noué’ (Merry Christmas).

Each phrase is shown in Jèrriais and English, accompanied by 1950s-style retro illustrations, as well as help with the Jèrriais pronunciation.


Ms Parker, said: “I’m thrilled that Anne approached me about creating this book. It’s a fresh, accessible new publication which is a perfect Christmas stocking filler and an important addition to the toolkit to revitalise our native language.

“Learning useful expressions doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting, and the book makes picking up a few basics accessible to everyone. I’d love to hear as many dogs as possible speaking Jèrriais by Easter.”

The new book has the added cachet of an endorsement by best-selling crime author and Jersey resident Peter James, a man with special insight into the four-legged world through his wife Lara, who practises canine massage.

“It’s just marvellous for all the wonderful dogs on our Island to have a book they can read in their native language,” he commented.

Teach Your Dog Jèrriais, funded by Le Don Balleine Incorporated Association, is available to purchase at the launch on Sunday 3 December at the promenade by Gorey slipway, the Jèrriais stall at the Simply Christmas Market in the Royal Square from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 December, and from La Société Jersiaise bookshop, Jersey Museum, Hamptonne, La Hougue Bie, Maritime Museum, and the Jersey Archive.

It is also available online at jerriais.sumupstore.com. It costs £5.99 but there is a 10% discount on pre-orders using the discount code PRE10, and the reduction is also offered on books purchased at the launch.

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