New X-ray machine to be installed at Jersey Airport this week

The new x-ray machine. (36763388)

THE Airport’s third and final new X-ray machine is being installed this week.

Head of security Maria Le Tiec said that hoarding would be erected while the installation, which began on Monday, was under way, adding: “We will guide passengers through the new layout.”

Full-body scanners are expected to be installed in November.

New rules, which will come into place in June 2024, mean that most UK airports will have security technology allowing passengers to leave liquids and electronics in their hand luggage. The 100ml restriction will also be lifted, with containers up to two litres being permitted.

The new system being installed in Jersey is part of a £3 million upgrade to the Airport’s security system, designed to ensure that the facility complies with the new requirements.

Travellers are already able to leave liquids and electronics in their bags, with two scanners already in place, although there were some delays when these machines were first installed.

One of the older X-ray machines has been kept in place as a backup.

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