Jersey wine: Cool, wet midsummer could be key to good year for grapes

Harvesting grapes at La Mare Wine Estate (36716487)

UNUSUAL weather patterns this summer have left the Island’s only vineyard “cautiously optimistic” about this year’s vintage as grape harvesting comes to an end.

While a wet and cool midsummer, sandwiched between sun-soaked periods in June and September, may not have created ideal conditions for Islanders to enjoy their summer holidays, it has turned out to be the “perfect balance” for grapes at vineyards in the British Isles, including La Mare Wine Estate.

Located in St Mary, the vineyard is now poised to create wines of “nuanced character”.

This is in contrast to France, where a scorching few months has led to an early harvest.

Representatives from La Mare Wine Estate have said they remain “cautiously optimistic” about this year’s grape yield.

Last week, the estate harvested its rondo grapes – having already collected the pinot noir and orion varieties.

Head winemaker Jordi Sanvicens Moreno said: “Nature has bestowed upon us a remarkable gift this year, allowing us to exercise patience and precision in our winemaking.

“After the unusually wet summer, we’ve embraced the September sunshine to nurture our grapes, patiently waiting for that perfect moment of ripeness.

“This extended hang time on the vine has allowed our grapes to develop optimal sugar levels, balanced acidity, and nuanced flavours, ensuring that we harvest fruit of the highest quality for our wines.”

In response to the unusual rainfall patterns, La Mare staff have used strategic canopy management, selective thinning, and meticulous trimming to keep the vines healthy.

The organisation is also looking for grape pickers to join their harvesting team. Anyone who is interested can get in touch with the business, contact details for which can be found at

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