Island Energy ‘not in a position’ to restore Jersey gas supply on Tuesday

The outage has left Islanders unable to use their gas cookers. (36752060)

ISLAND Energy has said it is “not in a position” to start restoring gas supplies to customers on Tuesday.

On the weekend, the company had to cut off the gas supply to all homes and businesses across the Island because of a power failure at its main plant.

In a statement released on Monday, Island Energy said: “We’re still working on restoring gas supply to your homes and businesses.  The safety of our customers is our top priority, and we need to ensure that all our processes are being followed correctly to get supply back.

“We are not in a position to start bringing this back tomorrow as we had hoped, and we apologise for this. We will keep you updated via local media, our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds.”

The company has encouraged customers to:

1.                     Make sure all gas appliances are switched off (boiler, cooker, fire etc)  

2.                     Turn off the gas supply at the meter. The emergency control valve is located next to the meter. Detailed instructions and a video for this can be found here.

Island Energy said it was “important” that customers let them know they have turned the gas supply off, including when someone has done so for a neighbour or relative. A form is available on the company’s website or they can be called on 755 500.

The company added: “If you are aware of any neighbours who may need special help or who are away, please tell us so we can make any necessary arrangements. You can either complete the form on our website or call on the numbers above.”

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