Islanders asked to turn off gas appliances and gas supply with 'engineers on the ground' for checks

Islanders have been left without gas since earlier on Saturday. (36753178)

ISLANDERS are being asked to turn off gas appliances and their gas supply at the meter – and wait for an engineer to check it before turning it back on.

Island Energy issued the update hours after posting on social media that they had cut off the gas supply to all homes and businesses across the Island because of a power failure at its main plant.

The statement said that the supply will “take some time to be re-instated”. That will add to frustration already being voiced by many customers who have complained about the lack of information from the energy supplier since the outage.

Early this morning on Facebook and Twitter/X, people said that they had no hot water and cookers had no gas supply, while hotels complained that they had no way of cooking breakfast for guests, with no indication when the supply would be restored.

Island Energy released the update over five hours after their previous post on social media which said: “We’re working on fixing the issue we experienced with the power supply to our gas plant in Jersey this morning and are making progress.

“As this issue meant we had to disconnect the supply to all customers and businesses across Jersey, we need to follow the correct procedures to get supply back to our customers.

“A gas supply interruption does not happen in quite the same way as a power cut, and as a result supply will take some time to be re-instated.”

As a result, the company is asking customers to assist them in the process by following these steps:

  • Turn off any gas appliances that were in use

  • If you know where it is, turn off the gas supply at the meter (emergency control valve)

  • Do not attempt to use any gas appliances or turn on the supply until it has been checked by Island Energy authorised personnel.

The statement continued: “We would like to apologise again for the inconvenience this has caused. Our engineers are on the ground now visiting our commercial and domestic customers to help assist in this process and we are working through the issue as quickly as we can.

“If customers are unsure of where to locate their emergency control valve (ECV) we have step by step instructions on our website or customers can call us on 01534 755500 and one of our customer services team will be able to help.”

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