Gas supplies in homes and businesses will not be re-instated this weekend

Islanders will not be able to use their gas appliances until at least Monday (36754366)

GAS supplies in homes and businesses will not be reinstated until at least Monday, leaving thousands with no hot water and no gas to cook over the weekend, Island Energy has said.

The energy company said its engineers would be visiting all customers – until 7pm on Saturday night and from 8am on Sunday morning – to turn off supplies.

Island Energy is also asking customers to assist them by turning off any gas appliances that were in use, turning off the gas supply at the meter (emergency control valve) if they know where it is, and not using any gas appliances or turning on the supply until it has been checked by Island Energy authorised personnel. It has posted instructions on its website telling people how to turn their supply off.

The company’s statement, issued at around 4.15pm on Saturday, said: “We sincerely apologise for the disruption to the gas supply. We are sorry to inform our customers that service will not be reinstated this weekend.

“We understand that this is a massive disruption to customers, however, re-instating of any gas supply must be done in a staged manner and we must ensure the reinstatement of services process is strictly followed.

“Our engineers will be working through until 7pm this evening visiting customers to turn off meters, customers can also see our website which has a guide to switching off your gas supply and follow the simple process themselves.

“We will be back out continuing to visit all customers from 8am tomorrow morning.

“Further updates will be provided tomorrow morning, however, it is important that customers understand that they will not have service for the entirety of the weekend. We will continue to update our progress – please check back on our website and social media profiles for the latest information.”

Island Energy confirmed earlier on Saturday that the Island-wide gas supply shutdown had been caused by a loss of power at its main plant.

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