A letter signed by Henry VIII… yours for £65,000 (or less)

The letter, signed at the top by Henry VIII, is almost 510 years old (36742439)

A LETTER signed by King Henry VIII during the early years of his reign has become the subject of an unusual auction by a Jersey memorabilia dealer.

Written in 1513 and topped with the monarch’s ‘Henry R’ signature, the letter is being sold via a so-called Dutch auction in which an item drops in price until it is sold.

Paul Fraser Collectibles, based in St Helier, believes this is the first time that the technique, first used by 17th-century flower sellers in the Netherlands to drive quick sales for their tulips, has been used for a Henry VIII document.

The letter went on sale for £65,000 yesterday, with the price set to drop by £5,000 at 4pm today, and at the same time every day until sold.

Mike Hall, chief executive at Paul Fraser, said the auction would be commission-free and offer a chance to own an important piece of English history for a low price.

Henry VIII was just 22, and in the fourth year of his reign, when he signed the letter in December 1513 at Windsor Castle. The letter instructs Sir Andrew Windsor, keeper of the great wardrobe, to supply cloth to be made into gowns.

Further details are available at paulfrasercollectibles.com.

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