Public realm project invites Islanders to view St Helier through new eyes

Tim Le Breuilly Picture: ROB CURRIE (36652077)

ARTIST Tim Le Breuilly will lead a walk tomorrow exploring parts of St Helier many Islanders have admitted they did not know existed.

The project – also involving photographer Will Lakeman and artist/film maker Marc Medland, who created a map of the route – is the latest initiative developed with Public Voice: Common Ground, launched this year to enhance the public realm in town.

A map showing the route of lé Galvaûdeux – the gallivanter or wanderer – has already been published and led to scores of Islanders following its three-mile route on their own initiative.

On Thursday 28 September at 5.30pm, Mr Le Breuilly will be inviting Islanders to join him at the Pop-up Park, the Weighbridge, to follow the route, which ends at the Horizon building at the Waterfront.

Wanderers are advised to dress for walking and come prepared to view St Helier through new eyes.

Venue for the pop-up exhibition (supplied pic) (36652104)

Mr Le Breuilly explained that the project was inspired by the ideas of the 1960s French philosopher and filmmaker Guy Debord, the Situationists group and the band KLF.

The Situationists were interested in reclaiming public space and finding new ways for people to experience the streets. KLF’s ‘Gimpo’ still organises an annual ‘M25 Spin’ – a 25-hour drive around the M25 circular in London joined by KLF fans.

In 2002, Iain Sinclair published the book and documentary film of ‘London Orbital’, which traced his journey around the M25 on foot.

‘Favoured techniques by the Situationists were to place a symbol over a map and then attempt to walk the symbol, or attempt to navigate a city using a map of another city. Thinking about walking in this way can make it more ritualised,’ Mr Le Breuilly said.

The founder of the project, Sasha Gibb, described the response to lé Galvaûdeux as ‘wonderful’.

‘Much of the public feedback to our public realm has been about the need to reclaim St Helier for people and get them walking again,’ she said.

‘I am extremely grateful to Tim, Marc, Will and all the artists who have embraced this important work, as well as support received from all our partners,’ she said.

The map of the route is available online on the events page at, or in the window of the new Horizon building opposite Cineworld. Wanderers are encouraged to sketch, write, film or record their experiences and post to Instagram @publicvoicecommonground and @ludditepressci with the hashtag #legalvaudeux.

Public Voice partner the Jersey Development Company have provided Unit 4 at Horizon East for a pop-up gallery and studio which will show an exhibition of some of the highlights of lé Galvaûdeux.

There will be a free drop-in print workshop led by Tim Le Breuilly and Luddite Press on Saturday 14 October from 10am until 2pm.

It is suitable for all ages and abilities, and offers the opportunity to discuss ideas and aspirations for public space and how Islanders want to live together.