Music in the Royal Square for the Corn Riots Festival

Philip and Angela Le Sueur dressed as corn rioters with storyteller/living history performer Michelle Hervieu, dressed as Lt-Colonel Rudolf Bentinck Picture: JAMES JEUNE (36641761)

LIVE music and performances will return to the Royal Square this week for the Corn Riots Festival – now entering its third year.

The festival was introduced in 2021 to mark the 250th anniversary of major legislative reform, brought in two years after disgruntled citizens from the northern parishes stormed the Royal Court on 28 September 1769.

The protests, known as the Corn Riots, were sparked by the increasing cost of wheat, caused by a combination of shortages and unfair taxes.

As in previous years, the festival – which takes place on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October – will feature live performances from local bands on stage in the Royal Square.

It will also feature a children’s choir, and a public ‘sing-and-play-along’, with both performances involving Jèrriais songs.

Economic Development Minister Kirsten Morel said: ‘The Corn Riots Festival is a celebration of Jersey’s modern cultural identity, and I would love people to use it to learn a few words of Jèrriais and to get involved. Who knows? This could be the first step to some people learning our wonderful language.

‘The event has become an annual celebration of Jersey’s culture and history, and I hope everyone will come and join in.’

Islanders can find the chord changes and lyrics for the ‘play along’ segment here. The page includes the full schedule of performers, along with information on how to learn Jèrriais.