Part of St Helier park fenced off due to Asian hornet threat

Asian hornet warning sign in Millennium Town Park Picture: Megan Davies. (36631296)

ASIAN hornets have been found in one of St Helier’s parks.

Part of the Millennium Town Park has been fenced off to prevent people being put at risk, with around 30 to 40 hornets estimated to be in a bottlebrush bush there.

Asian hornet co-ordinator Alastair Christie said that while individual hornets were not dangerous if undisturbed, the decision had been made to fence off the bush following reports of Islanders having picnics and children playing ball games nearby.

Mr Christie added that the hornets were probably using this bush for food, explaining: ‘At this time of year, there is not a lot for them to feed off.’

This is not the first time that an Asian hornet nest has been found in one of Jersey’s public parks, as a nest had to be removed from Howard Davis Park in 2020.

Mr Christie said that the hornets would probably stay in the bush to feed for the foreseeable future. He added that they might be coming from a nest at Grainville, which is expected to be disposed of shortly.

Islanders have also been urged to beware of fallen Asian hornet nests that could be blown from trees by strong winds this week.

To report an Asian hornet sighting email or call 441633.