What turned the water green off the south coast?

Green dye near the desalination plant. Picture: Jersey Water. (35650304)

THE water turned green off the coast of St Brelade this week…

Jersey Water confirmed they had added a temporary patch of green dye off the headland near the desalination plant to locate the entrance of a 1960s sub-sea tunnel.

The organisation, which was working with Ports of Jersey and the Infrastructure and Environment Department, reassured Islanders that there was ‘no cause for concern’ and that the exercise was successful.

‘The dye is biodegradable, does not pose any health or environmental risks and disperses quickly without impact on our shoreline or marine habitat,’ Jersey Water wrote in a social media post.

They warned that passers-by may have seen a ‘temporary patch of green off the shoreline, as we used fluorescent tracing dye and an overhead drone to find the tunnel entrance’.

Jersey Water was assessing the tunnel’s condition as part of its longer-term plans to upgrade the desalination plant.

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