Island-wide bird flu prevention zone introduced

Picture: John Ovenden (34152543)

ALL bird owners must house their birds from tomorrow to prevent another outbreak of bird flu after a further increase in the number of dead or sick wild birds.

The whole Island is being declared a prevention zone which means that enclosures and runs must be completely covered with a solid or impermeable roof so that wild bird faeces cannot enter.

Food and water should be placed away from the perimeter fencing, which should also be vermin proof. Defra-approved disinfectant foot dips must also be placed at entrances and exits.

The further measures come after a 3km protection zone was introduced in both St Lawrence and St Peter in recent weeks after six dead chickens in St Lawrence tested positive for the virus and numerous cases were confirmed on a farm in St Peter.

Those who come across dead or sick birds are asked to call 441600.

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