Public do not respond in favour of road plan

A MAJORITY of Islanders who responded to a consultation on reducing Don Road to a single car lane were against the proposed scheme.

The plan for cycle lanes on Don Road Picture: Government of Jersey
The plan for cycle lanes on Don Road Picture: Government of Jersey

The road, which runs along the northern side of Howard Davis Park, is due to be reduced to one lane as part of plans to improve cycle routes into town from the east.

A year-long trial will lead to two cycle lanes being installed on either side of the road.

Of the 453 Islanders who responded to the public consultation, 58% did not support the scheme – compared to 42% for, according to a consultation report.

Asked whether the separate walking and cycling facilities in Don Road were ‘a step in the right direction to encourage active travel’, 52% of respondents said no, 43% yes and 5% replied ‘don’t know’.

However, 57% of those who answered the survey said they would support other roads across Jersey being used to create space for active travel.

The Don Road scheme forms part of plans by the government to reduce carbon emissions, with the lanes covering the area from the junction at the base of Mont Millais to Georgetown Road.

Over a third of responses came from people living near the area, while around a quarter were visitors to Howard Davis Park and 44% were motorists who used the road to commute.

Around a third of respondents said the scheme would encourage them to cycle along Don Road and Georgetown Road, while 30% expected the changes to help the wellbeing of Islanders – and 57% responded that the scheme would ‘negatively affect’ their use of the area.

The government launched the public consultation on the plans in July.

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