Bike shop owner resurfaces ‘worn out’ Les Creux track

EXTREME sports in the Island are neglected and lacking in facilities, the owner of a bike shop has said, after he was forced to resurface the Les Creux bike pump track himself.

The bike pump track at Les Creux has had plenty of use since it was built six years ago
The bike pump track at Les Creux has had plenty of use since it was built six years ago

Aaron Lappage, owner of Aaron’s Bikes, called on the government to provide more investment for less-mainstream sports after discovering that the track – built six years ago – had been left to decay.

He said: ‘There are not enough facilities for extreme sports in the Island and the ones we do have get completely neglected and forgotten about, unless someone like myself comes along and sorts it.

‘The track at Les Creux needs some love. I built it six years ago and since then it has completely worn out and needs building back up but no one else wants to take responsibility.’

Mr Lappage said that the government pays more attention to ‘mainstream sports’. He said: ‘Kids love skateboarding, biking and scooting, it is what they want to do and we need to be providing them with the opportunities to take up these sports because they are the future.

‘We also have an incredible pool of local talent made up of skaters, BMX riders, mountain bikers and we need to support them with the right facilities. There is also the community side of things and by providing quality facilities you can encourage kids to take up new hobbies.

‘This in turn creates a great sense of community spirit as kids make new friends and the parents get involved too.’

Mr Lappage said progress on facilities, such as the much-heralded new skate park due to be built at Les Quennevais, was to be welcomed but management and maintenance of the facilities need to be factored in.

‘It is great that we are going to get a new skate park because people have been waiting for that for a long time. But we also need facilities for everyone, not just skateboarders.

‘There is an assumption that a new skate park will suit everyone, but there are plenty of other disciplines such as BMX riders and mountain bikers who would be suited to alternative facilities,’ he said.

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