‘I have been the victim of a politically motivated attack’

JERSEY’S former Children’s and Education Minister has said he was the victim of an ‘extremely malicious and politically motivated attack’ when he was arrested earlier this year – only for no charges to be brought against him.

Deputy Jeremy Macon Picture: ROB CURRIE.
Deputy Jeremy Macon Picture: ROB CURRIE.

Deputy Jeremy Maçon stepped down from his ministerial position in June following the arrest in March, but maintained his innocence.

It was announced at the end of last month that no further action would be taken against him, following consideration of a prosecution case file by the Law Officers’ Department.

During yesterday’s States sitting, the Deputy, who at times broke down in tears, launched a stinging attack on those he felt had wronged him.

He said: ‘The community will be aware that in March 2021 I was arrested by the States of Jersey Police. After prolonged, protracted and thorough police investigation, I remain innocent.

‘I believe that I’ve been the victim of an extremely malicious and politically motivated attack, designed to smear my character, damage my reputation and hurt me personally. I have continued to work and serve my constituents throughout this ordeal. I have been subject to all manner of vile speculation based on prejudice and bigotry.

‘I’ve been put on trial by some sections of the media, together with many on social media, who have taken advantage of a time when I could not defend myself or comment publicly on the situation for legal reasons while the investigation was under way.

‘In my opinion, the speculation abandoned the principle of innocent until proven otherwise. This was together with a total disregard for any fair or due process that everyone should be afforded.’

He thanked several States Members who had supported him since his arrest, including Constable Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard and Deputies Carolyn Labey, Russell Labey, Scott Wickenden, Judy Martin and Carina Alves.

Deputy Maçon added: ‘After 13 years of loyal service to the Island, I’m appalled by how some have treated me.

‘Despite this awful behaviour there have been many shining lights who have supported me. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank my family, friends, colleagues and those within the community who have stood by me during an extremely distressing period.

‘I’m happy to know that their support has now been vindicated. I’m tremendously indebted for the support that I have received from some unexpected people, and these people know who they are.’

Earlier in yesterday’s sitting Deputy Maçon was nominated to join the Planning Committee by its chairman, Trinity Constable Philip Le Sueur. The move sees the Deputy return to a role he held before being elected Education Minister earlier this year.

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