Vaccination centre to remain open

FIRST and second doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will still be available to Islanders as part of any future booster programme that is rolled out, the Health Minister has confirmed.

Picture: JON GUEGAN. (31322389)
Picture: JON GUEGAN. (31322389)

Deputy Richard Renouf also said there were no immediate plans to close the vaccination centre at Fort Regent. Speaking at this week’s States sitting, he said that he remained ‘confident’ that 80% of Islanders would be fully vaccinated by the middle of August.

Currently more than 60,000 Islanders have received both doses of a vaccine. However, it was reported last week that more than 40% of young adults – those aged 18 to 29 – have not yet received their first jab.

Speaking during a States sitting earlier this week, Deputy Renouf said: ‘There are no immediate plans to close the Fort Regent vaccination centre, we are still considering what may be required in terms of a booster vaccination programme. It is possible it could be conducted at Fort Regent but as we don’t know the criteria for the booster programme, we are not certain as yet.

‘Even while a booster is being rolled out, we will make first and second doses available if people have not received them during the current vaccination programme.’

However, Deputy Renouf has encouraged Islanders to book their vaccination appointments now.

‘The vaccine offers 95% protection against hospitalisation and 98% against mortality. Even if people were to contract Covid it is a far less severe disease if you are vaccinated,’ he said.

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