Constable welcomes Fort plans that he says could ‘regenerate’ Snow Hill

PLANS to revitalise and redevelop Fort Regent have been welcomed by the Constable of St Helier – even if they result in the removal of the leisure centre’s dome.

Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (31078731)
Picture: DAVID FERGUSON (31078731)

Constable Simon Crowcroft said the proposals, outlined by the government earlier this week, were likely to have a significant positive effect on town.

The first phase of the Future Fort project is expected to start during the next 12 months, and would include relocating sports organisations currently based at the site to allow internal work to take place and the installation of access from Snow Hill.

Further stages of the ten-year vision include the possible creation of a multipurpose conference and concert facility, an adjacent hotel, botanic or winter gardens, as well as a casino, cinema and bowling alley.

It appears likely that the dome, which the government has said is coming to the end of its useful life, will be removed.

‘Some people will be quite attached to the dome, but it is a fairly recent part of the Fort’s history and it appears to be at the end of its shelf-life,’ Mr Crowcroft said.

Establishing a direct link from Snow Hill for the first time since the closure of the site’s cable cars in 1991 – with a high-speed lift looking like the most likely option – would be very beneficial for the Island’s capital, he added.

‘This [proposed link] will bring substantial regeneration to the Snow Hill area, which has wilted and certainly isn’t the smartest part of town,’ he said.

‘Once the access is improved, Snow Hill will provide a significant amenity space, cultural facilities, parks and gardens, which will be great for the town given the shortage of amenity space.’

Mr Crowcroft also said that while the inclusion of a casino could attract significant comment, he was focusing on other features.

The plans were described by the Constable as the most significant for a long period, and he said he was optimistic about them moving forward.

‘The difference this time is that steps are being taken to engage with the sporting bodies about relocation – that has always been the stumbling block in the past,’ he explained.

The Future Fort proposals are the subject of a public consultation that will last for six weeks.

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