Medicinal cannabis campaigners meet minister during Jersey visit

The mother and son, who walked through St Helier and St Brelade at the weekend, are raising funds for patients who cannot afford treatment and for research to help doctors become more comfortable in prescribing the drug.

Billy, who is epileptic and autistic, made headlines in 2018 when he suffered a seizure and was taken to hospital in London after his medical cannabis, which he was prescribed in the US, was confiscated at Heathrow.

Then UK Home Secretary Sajid Javid authorised the release of his medication and Billy was given a lifelong prescription funded by the NHS. His mother has since called for greater support for patients who need medical cannabis.

Senator Farnham said: ‘I was very pleased to meet Billy and Charlotte Caldwell and to learn directly from someone who has been helped by medical cannabis.

‘The medical cannabis sector is still in the early stages of development and Jersey is aiming to contribute to the evolution of the industry.

‘It’s important to support the development of medical cannabis and further clinical trials of it to build confidence in its prescription among GPs and bring relief to the tens of thousands of people suffering from a range of conditions, which medical cannabis could help with.’

The prescription of cannabis for medical purposes was legalised in Jersey in 2018.

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