There be dragons...

A BEARDED dragon has been discovered in the sand dunes in St Ouen’s Bay after possibly being abandoned by its owner.

The bearded dragon was found at the sand dunes earlier this week. Picture: Cris Sellarés (30684817)
The bearded dragon was found at the sand dunes earlier this week. Picture: Cris Sellarés (30684817)

The creature – an adult female – was spotted on Monday by a dog walker, who contacted local conservationist Cris Sellarés to ask if it was native to Jersey and should have been there.

Ms Sellarés then phoned the JSPCA to ask them to collect the dragon – a species normally found in Australia and other warm, arid landscapes – and it is now receiving specialist care at the Animals’ Shelter.

Ms Sellarés, who used to handle wildlife at Jersey Zoo, said she suspected the reptile was a pet which may have been abandoned by its owner.

‘It was very far from any house – they are very slow and need heat to travel so the first conclusion is that it didn’t get there by itself,’ she said.

‘There’s a lot of local wildlife [at the sand dunes] that could potentially have been on the menu.’

She added: ‘When you see something like that it could disappear down a hole so [it’s best to] act quickly if we can.’

The reptile is now in the care of the JSPCA. Picture: Colm Farrington (30684825)

Michelle Parker, media and fundraising manager for the JSPCA, said the dragon had been checked over by a veterinary surgeon yesterday morning.

‘She is slightly dehydrated so will be treated for that,’ she said.

‘If no one comes forward as her owner within seven days she will be processed for rehoming, which will include a more extensive veterinary health check.’

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded and rely on external heat sources to raise their body temperature. They are omnivores and will typically survive off leaves, flowers, fruit, as well as small lizards or rodents.

They can grow to around 18 to 22 inches in length and have an average life span of four to ten years.

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