Local bands to play for the man who discovered Oasis

Local bands to play for the man who discovered Oasis

Local music promoters and record company Bubblebrain have organised for Alan McGee, founder of Creation Records, to visit the Island on 6 March, where he will take part in a Q&A session at Rojo and talk to guests about his life in the music industry.

Mr McGee, who also discovered Primal Scream and the Super Furry Animals, is due to perform a special DJ set and watch three of local acts – Dribbler, Monty Taft and the Tarantulas – perform at the evening.

James Dolan, partner and founder of Bubblebrain, said that the event would be a ‘rare opportunity’ for Jersey musicians to showcase themselves before an industry legend, who could open doors for them.

‘This isn’t going to be about making a profit – we are keeping the ticket prices as low as we can. We really wanted to do something for the Island,’ he said. ‘It will be fantastic to hear about the amazing life Alan has had. Every band he has signed seems to have been absolutely amazing. There was, of course, Primal Scream and Oasis but there were so many more.

‘We’ll have the three local bands on for a 25-minute set each and then Alan will go on and do his DJ set. Basically, it’s an opportunity for these bands to be watched by Alan McGee, which is rare opportunity for any band.

‘To have him give his feedback will be amazing and you never know, he’s the type of guy who if he sees something he likes will do something.’

Mr Dolan, who is from London and a former member a signed band himself, added that the event was aimed at building the profile of Jersey’s music scene, which he feels is a source of untapped talent.

‘I’m not saying he’ll turn around and give them a record deal but he might be able to open the door for them. They might be able to stay in contact with him afterwards or forward on any releases or demos they have.

‘Really, they are going to be performing before the Simon Cowell of indie music.’

‘We want to try and raise the profile of Jersey and try to open up a doorway between here and the mainland’s music industry and the Island music scene.

‘You have bands of amazing stature and quality over here which are always overlooked. I think there are some really hardworking humble bands over here and the rest of world just doesn’t know about it.’

Mr McGee is still active in the music industry, having recently founded a new record label called Creation23.

Tickets for the event can be bought on the bookit.je website. More information can be found on Bubblebrain’s Facebook page.

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